About SmartCity Bærum

Smart City Bærum is a partnership between the municipality and the private sector in Bærum. The goals are to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions through joint projects and cooperation.

The idea is to limit greenhouse gas emissions by developing new technologies, procedures and organizational measures to establish «green» solutions. At the same time, we want to promote more environmentally friendly and profitable business development. The solutions must be as attractive as possible so that citizens want to use them.

The vision of the Smart City Bærum is «Profitable interaction for a greener future».

The vision embodies a recognition that the current environmental and climate challenges must be found through constructive public / private partnerships, to develop future solutions and create a market for smarter products and services.

  • Smart City Bærum is a membership organization and the board consists of:
    • Arthur Wøhni, Bærum kommune (Chairman)
    • Ane Maria Haug Mjaaseth, Bærum Næringsråd
    • Kai H. Eidissen, Accenture
    • Dag Christer Øverland, Entra
    • Kristine Beitland, Microsoft
    • Bente Haukland Næss, Asplan Viak
    • Lars Hovin, IBM
    • Vigleik Stusdal, Kommunal og moderniseringsdepartementet (Observer)

Program manager: Unni Larsen.


Mål og strategier

Strategi- og måldokument 2012-2018

SmartCity Bærum 2019 – 2022 Mål og strategier


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