Smart Transport Fornebu

“What steps can the private sector do to improve traffic flow in the community without major changes on frames, plans and actions from the authorities  – a project in collaboration between local businesses and the municipality»

Background and challenges

  • In Bærum the use of vehicles is a major contributor to CO2 emissions. The emissions from mobile sources represents ¾ of the total emissions in Bærum
  • The road traffic and congestions will increase due to more empolyees and residents.
  • In anticipation of a metro (5-10 years ahead) there is a need for measures to reduce the traffic load
  • Companies at Fornebu is concerned about CO2 reduction and traffic efficiency, but lack of insight about user needs the experience suggests that there must be better adaption for action to implement major initiatives


What’s new and what needs do the project cover

The uniqueness of the project is the focus on what measures the business themselves can do to better the flow of traffic in their neighbourhoods. The measures will be based on companies’ individual needs and adapted to the employees actual situation.

The project will identify drivers and barriers to change  employees behaviour and find alternative effective solutions that are easy to implement in order to reduce traffic at Fornebu.

The project will involve both the supply side (solution providers) and demand side (companies and their employees), and the analysis will record a wide range of alternatives to the use of vehicles suited to the actual needs.


The project is financed by Transnova and the Municipality of Bærum.

Project owner: Smart City Bærum

Project manager: Accenture

Project partners: Telenor, Statoil, Evry, Aker Solution, Broadnet, HP  and Accenture.


SmartCity Bærum – Integrerte transportløsninger på Fornebu

SmartCity Bærum – Integrerte transportløsninger_Sluttpresentasjon

Summary in English – Integrated transport solutions (eng)

Hvordan kan bilbruk og rushtrafikk til og fra Fornebu reduseres

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