Bærum bysykkel

City bike Fornebu

Smart City Bærum, the municipality of Bærum and the largest companies at Fornebu want to consider the possibility of establishing a city bike solution in the area Lysaker- Fornebu.
The area Lysaker – Fornebu includes nearly 40,000 employees who require high transfer activity to and from the public transport hub Lysaker. In addition, the attractive park and recreation area at Fornebu is a popular destination for employees, citizens and tourists. The landscape is flat and well suited for cycling, and the ability to have easily accessible bikes will be a welcome offer.
A large percentage of road transportation characterized the area today, and this creates cue and chaos, especially during rush hours. A city bike solution will replace some of the internal traffic at Fornebu and along the axis of Lysaker – Fornebu. There is a need for about 300-500 bikes at Fornebu and Lysaker.
 Subscribers will be residents, employees, as well as tourists.
The municipality og Bærum and SmartCity Bærum has conducted a dialogue conference in cooperation with The National program for supplier development. Presentations can be downloaded here (only in Norwegian):

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